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Character Name: Minazuki Karen, a.k.a. Cure Aqua
Canon: Precure/Pretty Cure, specifically Yes! Pretty Cure 5/Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!

Character information within )
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Since character ages come up with some frequency, I've decided to just dedicate a post to explaining the problems with determining how old Karen is supposed to be.

tl;dr she's 16 by executive order )


Jan. 30th, 2019 09:54 am
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Got feedback for me? Put it here. Screened.
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Caroline Banks
Sorry I missed you. I was probably busy.


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Minazuki residence. Sakamoto speaking.


Ah. I'm terribly sorry, but m'lady is not available at the moment. May I take a message?
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[Name]: Andrusi
[Age]: 29
♦ DW: [personal profile] andrusi
♦ AIM: Andrusi
♦ Plurk: [plurk.com profile] andrusi
[Timezone]: Eastern
[Other Characters]: N/A

Blue Spring of Intelligence! Cure Aqua! )


Mar. 8th, 2013 07:39 pm
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I've never had someone actually break up with me before. What do I do?
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You're hilarious, community. See how I'm laughing?

[Someone is interpreting this month's viruses as a personal attack, and a low blow at that.]
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

Please, LiveJournal, spell check your questions properly. It's incorporeal punishment that's a matter of debate. (Personally, I support research into incorporeal punishment--just because someone is dead doesn't mean the rules should no longer apply to them.)
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Hey, look, it's Karen. And she's in the library, studying. This comes as a huge shock to you all, I know.
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I can't save anyone.

[gdi Kanna look what you did, you shouldn't die like that]
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I am a protector of the law and the people. Kaitou V is a very pretty dangerous criminal. While for understandable reasons she has managed to capture the hearts of many officers, I am most certainly not among them. Right? A physical attraction doesn't count. I don't know where people are getting such a ridiculous idea. I wonder if she'll respond to this?
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Minako, how do we feel about threesomes and foursomes?

I don't have anyone in mind or anything. I'm just curious.
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[Nothing particularly intersting, just Karen walking around for a minute or two in an unfamiliar location that appears to be a garden... of roses. She's carrying what looks like a portable game system or something in her left hand, and looking intently at her right index finger, almost as if there was a red string tied to it and she was following it, which is exactly what she's doing. There are a few minutes of this, and then the video cuts out.

Box, if you wanted to do an RL, we can actionspam here. Other than that, feel free to ask confused questions.]


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