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Well, Milk has been "revealed" as Milky Rose now. Apparently, she got her new powers from a seed that came out of the Rose Pact and grew into a blue rose.

She was acting so mysterious because... that's how it's done on television. I wish I was kidding.
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Milk's "emergency" was that she missed Coco and Nuts. It's understandable to get lonely, but...

There was an attack by Eternal while we were there, but since they're after the Rose Pact, I think that only happened because we were there. King Donut turns out to have some sort of paralysis power.

The attacker was another member of Eternal. He's a squid. I think we're better off fighting him from a distance.
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King Donut is awake now, and we've seen Rin's new power (mine is better), but that's beside the point. Milk sent a letter saying they need us in Palmier right away. It seems like it's an emergency.

I hope we're not too late...
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[A real locked voice post is beyond Karen. She uploaded a recording to Rapidshare or something and then made a locked post with a link to it.]

Transcript )

[She's going to lie there for a few hours before responding to any comments.]
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Milk suddenly got sick today. Everyone was out looking for the Pinky that had the ability to heal her, with me at home taking care of her, but... the Nightmares attacked my mansion while they were away.

...and I did it. I protected her. I even defeated the Kowaina.
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Nozomi was right. Apparently, she found what she thought was some old stuffed animal on her way to school. It turns out it was actually someone from Palmier! Milk (that's her name) was pretending to be a toy so she could steal food from some unsuspecting victim. I'm going to have to have a talk with her about that...

I'm also going to have to have a talk with Nozomi about trying to strangle people you've just met. Nozomi and Milk obviously started out on the wrong foot, and it's all gone downhill from there. Even Rin and I get along better than this... I hope they can learn to at least tolerate each other, because they're going to be stuck with each other for a while.
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Nozomi was ranting earlier about how someone stole her lunch. Not her lunchbox, just the lunch from inside it.

Personally, I figure she just ate it and then forgot.


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