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WHO: Zoro, Inkwell Buds and select others
WHERE: The Inkwell ~*After Hours*~
WHEN: Uhhh this past weekend at some point.....,..
WHAT: zoro's throwing a big crazy party because he just wants to throw a big crazy party in a small space. then he gets depression i guess.
WARNINGS: a lot. of alcohol.

hard knock days )
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WHO: David and Yoon-sung
WHEN: One weekend where they're not working on bingo prompts
WHAT: What should've been just a simple beta test for a boss fight gets stupid real quick. aka David starts getting memories of being not exactly human.
WARNINGS: Mentions of and perceived body horror, otherwise pretty innocuous.

All alone in desperation, now the time has gone )
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Hello everyone! We have a few quick notes and reminders before we launch into the meat of this post. Please be sure to check these out!

July Announcements
-This is your last reminder for the month that we are now on the new AC system! This means that AC for July is 20 comments + proof of a memory regain signed off by us! This regain must be a memory and cannot be an item or an ability. Please note that this memory does not need to be anything large, but it does need to be approved by us. We encourage you guys to get these submitted before the end of the month to ensure they are approved before then. Players will be issued a strike should this portion of their AC not be filled in.

-In that same vein, this is another friendly reminder to please be sure not to trigger and play with your own regained memories without getting them signed off by us! We are fine with characters drawing their own vague conclusions, but we do ask that characters not remember large canonical parts of their history or memories of events in their history without the regains approved by us to back this up. This is so that we may track character progress and to help us with shaping the metaplot.

-When submitting memories, please be sure to also provide us with as much detail as possible to help with processing! While we are not canon familiar with everything, having a link to a video or a description of the scene requested helps us greatly so we can review and get back to you ASAP. Additionally, please be sure to update your registries accordingly before requesting further regains from us! Having an up-to-date registry to review also helps us in terms of utilizing what your character already remembers for regaining new memories.

-Bingo threads and regain swap threads must be submitted before the end of the month! You are free to continue playing with them past the submission point for bonus points, but they must be submitted to us for review and approval before AC closes.

July and August sign-ups

1.) As notated in our bingo replies to you, the QR codes received by characters will be coming into play later in the month of July! Please see here for an entry to sign up for the QR portion of upcoming events! For the element of surprise amongst you and your peers, this post will be screened and things will come into play next weekend during the Recollé ReConvention. To sign up, simply fill out the form with your name, your character's name, a link to their registry, and how many QR codes they have earned. Sign-ups for these will be open between now and July 30th at 12am EST!

2.) Additionally, we are moving toward August's event! This event will start on August 3rd and last until August 24th. There are two main groups you can sign your character up for during this event. If you do not sign up, you will by default be placed into a third group that will not be eligible for meeting objectives or additional rewards. You may proceed to play as abided by the third group's guidelines, but do be aware that there will be game-wide impacts occurring!

What does this mean?

-Will maintain full access to the Retrospec application and their IC inboxes for the duration of the plot, as well as face-to-face interaction with anyone who does not sign up or who signs up for Group One.
-Will be split into three or four groups and given separate goals, although they can intermingle as they choose.
-Will have direct NPC interaction and potentially a chance to thread with NPCs.
-There will be objectives that must be met before the event is over! Of note, should these objectives be met in a timely manner characters will be rewarded. If they are not met, the additional rewards for the group as a whole may not be distributed, so please be certain you will have time to participate in team activities for the length of the event.

Sign-ups here!

-Will not have access to the Retrospec application from the last day of the convention until August 24th! This includes IC inboxes for anything via network. They will only be able to interact face to face with others who have signed up and who are sorted into their group.
-Upon sign-ups, we will be RNGing all sign-ups into small groups as well. There will be at least three groups, and while these groups may interact near the end of the event, for the majority of the event you will be working with your teammates and will not be able to interact with the other groups.
-There will be objectives that must be met before the event is over! Of note, should these objectives be met in a timely manner characters will be rewarded. If they are not met, the additional rewards for the group as a whole may not be distributed, so please be certain you will have time to participate in team activities for the length of the event.

Sign-ups here!

-Members of this group will be able to interact face to face with members of group one, but will not be able to participate in group one's activities/logs/etc.
-Members will have access to the Retrospec network and IC inboxes for network threads.
-These members will not have any objectives to meet, nor will they be eligible for additional rewards. This also includes not being eligible for August's freebie memory opportunity.

Sign-ups here!

Sign-ups for this event are open between now and August 2nd at 11pm EST! Please respond to the appropriate comments below for these sign-ups. We will give out team assignments after sign-ups have closed.

Of note: participation in your groups' objectives will be your method of obtaining your freebie memory for the month of August! We will distribute more details in August itself.

Furthermore, we will be writing the TDM to allow for all current players to participate as well no matter which group you assign yourself to. Of note, we will only be taking one character per player for sign-ups per group, so choose wisely!

And that's it! Thank you guys so much for your time and attention. We have a mod questions comment here for any clarifications, and we'll see you next weekend!

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Jul. 23rd, 2017 07:57 pm
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hi! i hope everyone is having a great day so far! and if not i hope it gets better!
i have a couple questions or something to advertise i guess?

one is does anyone have any (hallucino)memories of androids or being an android or a cyborg or something like that? or could someone tell me the difference between the two because i'm not sure i know... (i'm sorry!)

two is what's your favorite flower? now that we have some blue and green back it's not as depressing to work at a flower shop!

and if anyone wants a flower crown, please come to Enchanted Blossoms! i'll make one personally for you at a discounted price! ❀ it can be one that'll make me or others think of you or one to your exact specifications!

oh here's an example of one i've made recently!

please come by anytime this week! i should be working everyday!

[ ooc: Please feel free to go to action if your character would stop by the flower shop! ]
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WHO: Dante + lots of people!
WHERE: All over the city
WHEN: Throughout July
WHAT: Bingo catch-all finally ahahaha
WARNINGS: N... one I don't think; will edit if necessary!

so yeah, bingo's goin' down )
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WHO: Carmen Sandiego and YOU!
WHERE: Various: the Deadeye Shooting Range, the Recollé Rec and Fitness Center, Recollé University's Art Department, and a bonus at the Sandiego Foundation in Enprise.
WHEN: Sunday, July 23!
WHAT: A day in the life of Carmen Sandiego, including but not limited to the search for a sketch artist, some wildly extra athletic activity, and an opportunity for taking the first step toward becoming a Level 4 Friend and unlocking her Tragic Backstory. Also includes one (1) adorable cat.
WARNINGS: None that I can immediately think of? I'll warn in individual threads if topics come up that would necessitate it!

'Cause I was only born inside my dreams... )

Make a wish, save a fish?

Jul. 23rd, 2017 12:29 am
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Hey you! Yes, you out there. How do you feel about turtles?
Or dolphins?
Or tropical fish?
Especially tropical fish!

Like these!

Now's your chance to sleep with the fishes!
Well. Next to the fishes.

There will be a charity sleep over at the Recollé aquarium, and you are invited!
For a small donation.
(Seriously it's twenty dollars.)

We'll have the run of the place for the night, aside from the security guards.
And tour guides there to make sure we don't break anything.

So bring a sleeping bag and pillow and your pajamas and come on over to the Aquarium!
It's on [date to be determined] and it should be a lot of fun!

And besides.

How can you resist this face?

(Yes, before you ask, this is a bingo thing. But it also really is a thing!)

[OOC: So, unless there's a sudden groundswell of interest in a mingle for this, it will be handwaved! People can say they were there, make up silly things they did at the aquarium, and generally just have fun with it!]

-1 Braid Boy

Jul. 22nd, 2017 10:41 pm
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Ugh... I hate to do this because I love the premise of this game, and I'm sorry about things that I've committed myself to that haven't happened, yet. However, I'm just having trouble pushing myself to be active here. It's not clicking for me lately, which just happens sometimes with games, and that's okay. So, with a heavy heart, I'm going to bow out instead of being a drag to everyone. It was fun while I was here, and maybe I'll come back in the future. However, you definitely deserve someone who is better able to participate here than I've been able to.

Stay awesome, everyone! Feel free to hit me up if you're still interested in PSLs and memes. I've had fun!

~Sailor G.
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WHO: Freya and various others
WHERE: Also varies
WHEN: Late July and onward
WHAT: Vaaaries
WARNINGS: Violence in one thread when dragons get involved

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Rumours | Semi-open

Jul. 22nd, 2017 12:26 pm
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WHO: Kaiba, Fai, and anyone who has CR with them or can find a good reason to stumble into this mess
WHERE: Fai's apartment, anywhere Kaiba might be roaming to~
WHEN: Saturday, July 22 and possibly onward
WHAT: The local tabloids and a popular gossip blog have taken an interest in our favorite gaming CEO, since the convention is only a week away, and look at all this fun information they dug up! Or, certain details about Fai's past get shared for the whole city to see and he has a bit of a nervous breakdown. Friends, acquaintances, co-workers, or really anyone who knows them are welcome to contact or go visit Kaiba or Fai and deal with the fallout.
WARNINGS: Mentions of sex work, possibly some shaming of sex work, and someone having a panic/negative reaction to all of this. Also probably lots of crying. Recolle: the Soap Opera, continues.

tell me why everything turned around )

1 ● text

Jul. 22nd, 2017 12:23 pm
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[You can't really clear your throat over text, but somehow, Yamato manages to give off that impression. He's not big on social media (can you be a grandpa at age 21?), but the bingo overlords required it, so... here goes nothing.]

The Great Gatsby is a very important and famous book which tells its story through many pages, all of which I enjoyed reading very much. The Great Gatsby is truly a book by F. Scott Fitzgerald about how you shouldn't just buy a castle near your ex-girlfriend in the 1920s and then wait for her to fall back in love with you, because eventually you might get murdered by a poor person.

The main guy in the book is Nick Carraway. He went to college and then moved to a dirty shack on Long Island, where he tries to make money using finance and mainly just follows his neighbors around staring like a weirdo. Nick Carraway has a cousin named Daisy. She's married to Tom Buchanan, who has a small mustache, probably. Daisy hates shirts, Tom Buchanan, and having a personality, but everyone seems to think she is a lot of fun to be around anyway.

Next door to Nick Carraway is a big castle where a mysterious man named Gatsby lives. Gatsby is the most important man in town (and in the book—hence the title!!!), except that none of his friends or acquaintances has ever met or seen him, even though he is on the cover of the newspaper every day. Any time someone says "Gatsby," everyone else is like, "Gatsby? Gatsby? What Gatsby? Where Gatsby? Show me the Gatsby!" but no one knows who he is. Then at some point everyone is just like, "Oh, hey Gatsby, could you move, you're blocking the polo game or whatever." Gatsby and Daisy used to date, and now Gatsby throws a lot of parties hoping that Daisy will come over. After some events, life would never be the same.

Gatsby is obsessed with this green light across the water from his house. The green light represents Daisy, because Gatsby is "green" with envy that Tom Buchanan gets to hang out with her all the time, and also because green is the color of "go" and Gatsby would like to "go" over there.

Eventually Daisy comes over and says she would like to break up with Tom Buchanan and marry Gatsby instead, because of shirts. Everyone has a fight and eventually Gatsby dies, which represents death. The most important metaphor in The Great Gatsby is the shooting stars, which happen in the sky at least twice in every scene. The shooting stars represent the fact that Gatsby is the "star" of the book and somebody "shoots" him at the end. Aren't we all a little bit like Gatsby in this modern world?

The Merriam-Webster English Dictionary defines "conclusion" as "the last part of something." In conclusion, this is the last part of my report on The Great Gatsby, which is a very expensive book about confetti. It is truly the best book I have ever read all the way through.

[Hopefully you enjoyed this 100% original book report by a guy who didn't even bother to introduce himself or mention that this was for bingo.]

(no subject)

Jul. 21st, 2017 10:50 pm
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WHERE: Around town
WHEN: Throughout the month
WHAT: Li-Na working at Expressive, practicing at Dance!!, wandering around town + various bingo squares

b-i-n-g-o )

(no subject)

Jul. 21st, 2017 09:55 pm
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WHO: Tatsuo Kihara + OPEN
WHERE: Around town
WHEN: Throughout the month
WHAT: Gun safety/shooting lessons + pranking Togusa + various bingo squares

b-i-n-g-o )
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WHO: Sora and YOU!!!
WHERE: All over Recolle
WHEN: The month of July

why did this take me 2 weeks to do )
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WHO: Souji and youuuuuuuuuuu
WHERE: Everywhere
WHEN: 07/21 - 07/23
WHAT: Souji is severely sleep deprived because of Bad Memories and New Powers so comes disaster 😞
i think i'll go to sleep lol nah )

(no subject)

Jul. 21st, 2017 01:31 pm
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Émilie Écarlate
7/21 near ÉcarlateSoft America
While I couldn't attend E3 this year, I still plan on making an appearance at Réconvention this year, so will, of course the ÉcarlateSoft booth. Do come by, we have a few more surprises waiting for you all.

Now then, now that I'm here for the moment, it seems some had lost access to this app lately... including my youngest sister. Does anyone else find it concerning that these people no longer remember horses, the missing colors and so on...?

An announcement and a rumor

Jul. 20th, 2017 08:21 pm
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Let me first say that I know Jim and the rest of Retrospec can see everything we write here, but if they're hinting at something with their "how to start a campfire" taunt, they'll soon know how good we all are at that.

This month, I received a power I previously saw in my visions - a sort of spirit that fights for me. From what I recall, I can manipulate fire with its aid, but I can also set things on fire with my mind apparently. It's unclear, but in the end, I am hoping to hone my skills well enough to actually start fires on my own.

If we are ever in need of a fire, know that I'm available. In fact, we should keep in mind what powers each of us have in case the time comes. Whatever Retrospec throws at us, we have to be prepared to fight back.

This isn't an invitation for requests to burn down the city. Any sort of power comes with the responsibility to wield it wisely, and I make the final decision.

And if I can start a fire, I can end it.

[He's not sure about that last part, but he's not going to admit it.]

P.S. I think Professor Suaveterre uses L'Oreal products for his hair. It's the only explanation that makes sense.
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WHO: Soujirou & You & also some people
WHERE: All over the place
WHEN: Varying dates during July
WHAT: Belated Bingo things, general catchall 

[As soon as he'd received the mysterious bingo thing, Soujirou had immediately sat down with it like any grownass adult would and tried to work out the best way to win. Some things were fairly quickly nixed, mainly things concerning unnecessary sharing of feelings. Unless he can find a way to work around them, he's not interested. But happily, that leaves plenty of options that are potentially dangerous or just plain dumb, and that suits Soujirou far better.]

...och vara liter finare i kanten )

plummeting through life | open

Jul. 20th, 2017 01:24 am
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WHO: Yato and you!
WHERE: Outside of Recolle Jail, various
WHEN: Saturday, July 15 (backdated)
WHAT: Yato springs himself out of jail and grapples with weightlessness to the inconvenience of all.

tl;dr: he falls on you or around you )
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WHO: Transcend Game staff, and anyone who has significant enough CR with Kaiba I guess? Or you could drive by and popcorn.
WHERE: Transcend Game's offices, and then subsequently the hospital
WHEN: Thursday, 20 July - Friday, 21 July
WHAT: What is supposed to be a staff briefing for the Convention ends up a disaster when Kaiba spontaneously collapses.
WARNINGS: For later? Descriptions and depictions of extremely unhealthy sleeping and eating habits. Please don't try this at home.

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