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What kind of hero am I? I can't even protect my friends. Axl... Nill... and Zero, who woke up to such a nightmare...

It's all because I wasn't good enough to stop him.
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Training had been going well. Karen wasn't what anyone would call an expert, but she had a passable idea now of the basics of swordmanship. It helped that she was a quick study. That, and Zero was a better teacher than he gave himself credit for.

Today Karen had arrived a few minutes early. As she transformed into Cure Aqua, she wondered what today's lesson would cover. She summoned the Aqua Ribbon--she'd gotten good at doing it at will--and formed her sword as she waited for Zero.
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Karen waited somewhat nervously near the greenhouse. She'd worldhopped before, but had normally only been away from her world a few hours at most. It felt decidedly odd to be bringing a duffle bag along. Of course, what bothered her the most was leaving Pretty Cure shorthanded for a significant amount of time. They'd just had a fight yesterday, so it would probably be a while before she was needed again, but it still wasn't comforting to think about.
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In-on-Pretty-Cure folks )

Kaito )

Mikaela )


Summer vacation is almost over. I hope Nozomi hasn't been slacking off on her homework has made some progress on her homework has started on her homework will do her homework when I call her and tell her to.


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