Mar. 8th, 2013 07:39 pm
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I've never had someone actually break up with me before. What do I do?
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You're hilarious, community. See how I'm laughing?

[Someone is interpreting this month's viruses as a personal attack, and a low blow at that.]
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I am a protector of the law and the people. Kaitou V is a very pretty dangerous criminal. While for understandable reasons she has managed to capture the hearts of many officers, I am most certainly not among them. Right? A physical attraction doesn't count. I don't know where people are getting such a ridiculous idea. I wonder if she'll respond to this?
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Current plans are for Karen to be affected by the alignment virus for the full duration. If anyone would like to try to talk me into doing something else at the beginning or end, then by all means, bring it up.

More importantly: Any volunteers to have alignment!Karen in ur world, stealin ur gems?
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All things considered, Karen wasn't really that bad at cooking in general--it all came down to following instructions, and that was simple enough. The cake she was trying to make, as such, was looking very promising.

And if the recipe had contained errors such as "tsp" being mistakenly printed as "tbsp," or had failed to mention important things such as the cake requiring only the whites of the eggs, then that wasn't her fault. Although she was fully responsible for the tiny bits of eggshell she was currently trying to beat into the batter. Actually, from an outside perspective, the only thing that could make this less promising would be if an even worse cook showed up and started "helping."

Although she was only a step or two away from putting it into the oven, so Karen and any potential assistant would soon have to find some other way to amuse themselves for a half hour or so.
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We finally got Urara-chan back.

I should be happy, but... Komachi is still out there. And we might not get a chance to save her--the Nightmares will know she's the last one.
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Minako-san. Kaito.

Exactly when were you going to tell me what was going on?

[Still virused, but she was going to post this either way.]
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Karen is going to be the leader of Pretty Cure! Awesome, right? Well, it's not a pleasant job to have at the moment. Remember how in mid-July 2008 Karen disappeared for about a day because of evil mind control? Well, uh, that didn't get worked out as easily in this timeline. She does have Nozomi and Rin back on her side now (she got back Nozomi a few days after this all started, and rescuing Rin was the "season finale" at New Years'), but Urara and Komachi are actively trying to kill the three of them.

Side effects that may be of interest:
- Karen has posted less frequently in general, and more frequently as Cure Aqua. If you joined in the past month or two, you may know her better as Aqua than as Karen.
- Karen and Nagisa think of themselves as being from alternate timelines now. Our Urara would have to have been from Nagisa's timeline, though I don't really expect that to come up.
- I knew there was a reason I still had all these first-season Cure Aqua icons.

Radd, on the other hand, is going to be in jail, because the Moderators never went all evil-y so there was never any need to break him out. Remember, kids, don't take illegal code patches. I'm just going to avoid the issue of why he can still post.
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I would not like to repeat that experience.


Apr. 23rd, 2009 12:51 am
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So here is our hastily-derived schedule for Karen during the upcoming Touchy Feely Virus. Initial predictions were that she would spend the whole time with our favorite evil chibi, Medusa, but it turns out that opportunities to get physical with Karen are in high demand. Who'd have thought? So this is what Karen's five-day weekend will be like:

Summary: lots of awkward must-keep-mind-off-lesbian moments. Also fun with Medusa. )
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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope everyone's day is lovely... especially those of you who aren't particular fans of the holiday.

Speaking of which... Maka, are we still on for tonight?
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I think I'll skip out on the student council meeting tomorrow. All they'll do anyway is give me more work to do. Might skip class, too, for that matter. I wanna see Nozomi and everyone, but I can just show up at lunch. After that I'll go to the beach where Chloe is. It sounds fun.

Actually, everyone should come to Chloe's beach tomorrow. I wanna see you all in swimsuits. Especially Maka, but everyone else too.
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I can type without producing gibberish again!

As for how... well, I needed a new computer anyway.


Jun. 10th, 2008 07:40 pm
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Keybd wrong: Karen M -> J ewb'N

charmap temp soln but cant std cncl work



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