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We finally got Urara-chan back.

I should be happy, but... Komachi is still out there. And we might not get a chance to save her--the Nightmares will know she's the last one.
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Why does the new Cinq Lumieres News have an article with the headline "President Minazuki involved with Kasugano Urara?"

IC edit )
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That same guy from Eternal showed up again and ruined Urara-chan's audition.

On the positive side, we found one of the rulers, King Donut. Is everyone from their world named after food?
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I didn't expect to ever end up doing this again.

[A few people have been cut out of the Pretty Cure lock. Mostly people who don't, uh, exist anymore, but it should keep Azula out now for instance. She's neglected to remove Mitsuru though.]
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[Backdated to Monday evening, late the same day as this post. Locked to Pretty Cure-knowing people, including hackable by Azula. Replies will be after the fact.]

Coco and Nuts have been kidnapped. We're going to the Land of Mirrors to rescue them.

There's no time to argue about it. I'm only posting so nobody will wonder where we are.
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Masuko-san was talking about quitting the Cinq Lumieres News. Apparently, she's been the only member of the journalism club this whole time, and between being lonely and not being able to do all the proper research on her own, she's having a hard time keeping up with it.

She's a pain sometimes, but...

[locked to Pretty Cure people]

And on top of all that, Bunbee attacked her. Attacked her. He didn't even know we were nearby--he just knew we knew her.
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[locked to Urara]

Urara-chan, now that everything's mostly calmed down, there are some things you should know about. )


...Molly-chan? Can we talk?
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The stage is in the middle of a shopping mall. For a good 45 minutes prior to the performance, Karen is off backstage somewhere.

Youtube link. Karen is unexpectedly onstage as a backup singer; she hadn't mentioned to anyone that she'd be doing this, mainly because she didn't know--a good part of those 45 minutes were spent on a last-minute rehearsal.

After Urara's done singing and is busy talking with her manager, Karen finally gets a chance to look for Mikaela.

[Slight futurepost, probably backdating replies--just found out I'm busy this afternoon.]
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We went to see Spider-Man 3 together, to help cheer up Urara (she's fine now), and there was a trailer before the movie that had Mikaela in it.

It was for a movie that was based on Transformers, which is a series a lot of kids seem to like. I know it's about robots, and the leader of the good robots is named Convoy. But I'm sure he's the same person as "Optimus Prime" Mikaela mentioned. (Or maybe a different version of him. There are several Cybertrons, apparently.) I think that Starscream person who showed up recently is from Transformers, too.

I couldn't even concentrate on the movie we were actually seeing. (The main character seemed kind of familiar, though...)
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We were all getting so excited about Urara's concert that we completely neglected to consider how Urara felt. She's not really "nervous" so much as "absolutely terrified," especially since she has to write a song over the next few days so she'll have something to sing.

She ran out a while ago. Nozomi's probably found her by now... we should meet them as they come back.

We're thinking of seeing a movie together, to help her cheer up.
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I don't know the details yet--I'll post as soon as I know. Nozomi and Rin came in with this ridiculous banner (and they want to make an even bigger one at my house--fortunately I talked them into letting me redesign it), and Masuko-san is trying to make up a cheer. She says that's a normal thing to do at events like this, and she'd know, so

GTG, the others want me to join in the cheer? I'll post again later.


Jun. 5th, 2008 04:36 pm
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As it turns out, Urara was planning to try cooking her mother's curry recipe. I said earlier she couldn't remember her well, but apparently one of the few memories was of eating curry together. The book she was carrying around--it's a cookbook!

It's sad to think that this is the only thing she can do in her mother's memory, especially since the rest of us just now found out. But I'm glad she's all right.

Oh, and for the record, the curry was amazing.

[OOC: The name of the book is not "To Serve Man."]
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So, today we all got to meet Urara's family. Her father and grandfather came to NattsHouse. Both of them are from France, though they speak Japanese well. (Though neither of those stopped Nozomi from mangling several English phrases in an attempt to greet them.) They seem like good people, if a bit quirky.

I can't remember who it was that asked Urara about her mother. But as it turns out, she's dead.

Urara is very open about it, and doesn't seem to get upset or anything about the subject. She says she was too young when her mother died to really remember her well enough to miss her. So it didn't bother her to talk about it.

I wish I could say the same thing about myself. I used to think it was okay that I can only see my parents once a year, since I still get to see them and I can talk to them on the phone anytime. But now I'm scared that something will happen to them before I can see them again. I know it's not likely, certainly no likelier than it was before I knew about Urara's mother, but I just can't stop thinking about it.
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Urara's acting strange lately. She's been quieter than usual, and she's started carrying around this book for no apparent reason.

I wonder if something's wrong?


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