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I am a protector of the law and the people. Kaitou V is a very pretty dangerous criminal. While for understandable reasons she has managed to capture the hearts of many officers, I am most certainly not among them. Right? A physical attraction doesn't count. I don't know where people are getting such a ridiculous idea. I wonder if she'll respond to this?
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It's her! Milky Rose is that purple-haired girl!

[Incidentally, I need to update the list of people included in this lock. I know Haruhi S, Chibiusa, and Haruka have all found out semi-recently, but I strongly suspect I am forgetting someone.]
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Maka, you seemed pretty willing to talk about things, but I thought I should lock this anyway, to be fair.

It looks like you have your own manga! Well, actually I guess you and Soul have your own manga together. You're on the front cover of the first volume, along with some witch. (And you're definitely front-cover material. You shouldn't worry about your chest--it's not huge, but you really look great. And it seems like you're popular.) I think I understand what you were talking about earlier with weapons and such. (It seems kind of weird, though, for the item you use to also be a person. If Pretty Cure worked that way, I don't know what I'd do.)

I also came across some fanfiction, which was kind of scary at first but it looks like there's nothing focused on, you know, that. I clicked on a couple of the shorter ones. It looks like for some reason there's a running theme of Soul messing up your laundry?

And I don't know what to make of this. It looks like there are LiveJournal communities that are just about pretending to be some fictional character, and since you're fictional in this world... It's weird to think about. Somewhere, in some other world, someone might be pretending to be me, for fun.

[Karen's still in 2007, so the various mentions of the Soul Eater anime don't ICly exist yet. "But Andy, that means the RP journal shouldn't exist yet either!" ...Rule Of Funny. Now shut up.]


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