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Hey, look, it's Karen. And she's in the library, studying. This comes as a huge shock to you all, I know.
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Karen sat on the edge of her bed, waiting for Minako to arrive.

It was going to be the first time they'd really had a chance to talk since the virus ended. Karen wasn't even entirely certain Minako remembered what had gone on during the virus. Karen herself certainly did. She'd learned some things over the course of the virus, and some of them were things they needed to discuss.
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All things considered, Karen wasn't really that bad at cooking in general--it all came down to following instructions, and that was simple enough. The cake she was trying to make, as such, was looking very promising.

And if the recipe had contained errors such as "tsp" being mistakenly printed as "tbsp," or had failed to mention important things such as the cake requiring only the whites of the eggs, then that wasn't her fault. Although she was fully responsible for the tiny bits of eggshell she was currently trying to beat into the batter. Actually, from an outside perspective, the only thing that could make this less promising would be if an even worse cook showed up and started "helping."

Although she was only a step or two away from putting it into the oven, so Karen and any potential assistant would soon have to find some other way to amuse themselves for a half hour or so.
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Karen's greenhouse had evidently become her standard place to meet people from offworld. It wasn't the only easily-accessible place that was typically devoid of witnesses (as a magical girl, you tended to get good at finding those), but it was the one with the pretty flowers, so...

Shia had seemed considerably more than "shaken" when they'd spoken on the comm, and Karen wasn't really surprised by it. She wasn't really sure what to expect when Shia got here--well, talking, of course, but she might need to be comforted, or calmed down, or something else she hadn't thought of. She might even need special care of some sort. Whatever it was, Shia apparently thought Karen was the person to do it.

Karen waited.
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[At the end of a relatively successful maybe-date-depending-on-which-of-the-two-you-ask...]

As the credits began to roll, the lights in the theater came back on. Karen glanced down at herself and brushed away some bits of popcorn clinging to her shirt before turning to look at Yukiko.
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Karen wasn't entirely unused to the idea of people being interested in her because of her money. Even her real friends, after all, had taken a much keener interest in vacationing together once they'd found out about all her family's properties. She wanted to believe, though, that she and Nabiki could actually be friends, especially given whose sister Nabiki was. If she really wasn't interested in such things, maybe Karen could help her learn better.

Plus, she'd seemed skeptical of Karen's skill at tennis. And that needed to be corrected.

That was why Karen was waiting at her mountain villa for the now-familiar beam of light that meant Cinnamon was arriving, in this case with a passenger.
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Karen could see a pattern happening. Three days in a row, she'd gone to sleep, and woken up with someone who wasn't there before. While she hoped that would be the end of it, she was a realist, so she'd gone to bed expecting to be with yet another seemingly random person from the community in the morning. She'd even made sure to fall asleep in a neutral position this time, one that wouldn't lead to any unnecessary embarrassment on anyone's part.

Of course, none of this mattered once she was asleep.

In her sleep, Karen had found something warm and soft next to her, and snuggled up to it. The resulting sensation brought back memories of feelings that naturally immediately invaded her dreams, leading her to cling to it and, of all things, cry a little bit.

So it was that, when morning came, Karen's arms were wrapped around Mireille Bouquet, and her face was buried in one of the woman's shoulders.
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Karen waited in her room, necklace in hand. Azula would probably be here within minutes, if that.
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Karen had no idea why she was so nervous about Azula coming over.

Well, that was a lie. Karen knew exactly why she was so nervous. She knew what her feelings towards Azula were. She also knew that the idea that Azula returned those feelings was unrealistic (even if Azula had come up with the idea of staying for the night on her own). If she could convince herself that she didn't have them, that she still only wanted to be best friends with Azula, then she'd hopefully be able to get through the night without saying or doing anything strange.

Still, she had laid out her nicest nightgown to wear tonight. There was nothing wrong with looking nice for a friend, right? Even when you were about to go to sleep.
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Karen had only seen bits and pieces of the Fire Nation royal palace before. On both of her previous trips here, she'd been too preoccupied with saving Azula to make note of much that wasn't immediately important. And she only really remembered the first one, anyway.

All the same, though, she had a decent idea of where Azula's room was, having worked it out in case they needed to go through with Urara's espionage plan. (She'd picked up details from various people.) The hard part had been trying to figure out how she'd get in without being caught--at best, the guards would kick her out, and at worst... well, it wasn't hard to imagine things Azula might do to her if she recognized her sneaking around.

Today, though, she intended to be noticed and recognized. Which gave her more options.

"Pretty Cure Metamorphose!"

In two very high leaps, Cure Aqua landed gracefully just inside what was probably the princess's window.

[For the record, Cinnamon brought her there.

And speaking of Cinnamon]
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Karen wasn't sure what she was going to do when Kaito got here. But she knew she couldn't just leave him alone.

She waited for him by the gazebo, since that had worked well before.
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A sleeping Karen is a rare sight. This magnificent creature normally secludes itself in a remote location before it goes to sleep at night, and does not reveal itself after awakening until after it has preened itself quite a bit. It's amazing that we have this chance to study this one on a morning where she has evidently decided to sleep in.


So yes, Karen was asleep. When she'd gone to bed last night (a few hours later than usual--she'd been trying to tell Kaito things he would have known already if he wasn't suddenly such an idiot), she'd expected to sleep late this morning.

Somehow she'd forgotten to account for the fact that Molly would be getting up at the usual time.
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Karen was curled up under the desk again.

The more she thought about things, the more confused she got. She remembered Zero had suddenly attacked her. Why was she here? Because of her sword training. Why sword training? Because of Pretty Cure. She got that far back and suddenly she was all disoriented. Pretty Cure was something important that she shouldn't be just suddenly remembering. Nozomi was part of that, too. Nozomi who Karen met when she was fourteen. Karen couldn't have met anyone when she was fourteen, she was only six. But she could remember being seven, and eight, and--argh. It was confusing, and more than a little frightening. Although not quite as frightening as the prospect of Zero coming back here and attacking her again.

She wanted to be with Nozomi. Nozomi was good at making Karen feel like things were all right.
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Training had been going well. Karen wasn't what anyone would call an expert, but she had a passable idea now of the basics of swordmanship. It helped that she was a quick study. That, and Zero was a better teacher than he gave himself credit for.

Today Karen had arrived a few minutes early. As she transformed into Cure Aqua, she wondered what today's lesson would cover. She summoned the Aqua Ribbon--she'd gotten good at doing it at will--and formed her sword as she waited for Zero.
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Karen waited somewhat nervously near the greenhouse. She'd worldhopped before, but had normally only been away from her world a few hours at most. It felt decidedly odd to be bringing a duffle bag along. Of course, what bothered her the most was leaving Pretty Cure shorthanded for a significant amount of time. They'd just had a fight yesterday, so it would probably be a while before she was needed again, but it still wasn't comforting to think about.
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[Slow mun is slow.]

Karen sat in the gazebo, with tea and a package of mamedaifuku on the small table, waiting for Kaito to arrive. It wouldn't be the first time someone from another world came to the estate, but Kaito was a bit different from Coco, Nuts, and Milk, and certainly much different from the Nightmare Group.

[Stone/concrete gazebo, lots of greenery around, a greenhouse nearby, Karen's mansion visible off in the distance.]
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The stage is in the middle of a shopping mall. For a good 45 minutes prior to the performance, Karen is off backstage somewhere.

Youtube link. Karen is unexpectedly onstage as a backup singer; she hadn't mentioned to anyone that she'd be doing this, mainly because she didn't know--a good part of those 45 minutes were spent on a last-minute rehearsal.

After Urara's done singing and is busy talking with her manager, Karen finally gets a chance to look for Mikaela.

[Slight futurepost, probably backdating replies--just found out I'm busy this afternoon.]


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