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...it's not that there's anything wrong with Umi-san's clothes, but...
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Well, that was less interesting than I'm sure Axel-san had hoped. Apparently, the other students think it's perfectly acceptable for me to sing for no apparent reason. (I could have done without Rin's "duet," though.)

Haruhi-san's plan seems to be working well (I'd expect no less from her)--everyone is talking about my "boyfriend" now, and they've all forgotten about my "relationship" with Urara-chan. Masuko-san says it's obvious how much we're in love. (I guess Haruhi-san is good at acting...) We'll still go until the rest of the week, and then we can stop putting on this act. (I wish I had an excuse to keep going.)
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King Donut is awake now, and we've seen Rin's new power (mine is better), but that's beside the point. Milk sent a letter saying they need us in Palmier right away. It seems like it's an emergency.

I hope we're not too late...
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It's finally the day of the race. Time to show Rin I'm not such a bad athlete myself. And show Nozomi she really can finish a race if she tries.

Wish me luck!

[wtf are you talking about? She totally mentioned this already, at the same time that she totally posted about episode 35 on Sunday. Strike is just a normal strike, perfectly legible. Replies will be post-race.]
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The Nightmares attacked again at the wedding. It shouldn't even have had anything to do with Pretty Cure. Just a man marrying a woman who happens to be friends with Madoka-san. But since we were there... I feel like it's our fault it happened.

At least the bride's tiara looked good. Rin really did a good job on it.


Milk caught the bouquet. How were we supposed to explain that?

[Ick, even after that planning session a while back, we've managed to get even further behind. I'm just assuming the first half of this episode happened a while back, probably immediately after ep31 as part of Pretty Cure Romance-Fest.

This is visible to everyone who knows Karen is Cure Aqua, although Azula will have to hack her way in if for some reason she wants to comment.]
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This weekend: A surprise birthday party, after which a certain person is going to give me a tour of some places.

Next week, all of us are going to my island. (Everyone was so amazed to hear about it. Is it really that unusual?) We went on a trip to Price Shock today to get some supplies... Rin wanted to only get orange juice. Honestly.

After that, we're mostly open. Komachi has some place she wants to take us to overnight, and she's been very mysterious about it. Urara has another concert coming up, too, and she's making an appearance in a drama. And of course there are summer festivals.

[locked to Kaito, Maka, Miharu, Mikaela, and Zero] )


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