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Prince Montblanc has fully recovered now. It's finally time.
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We found Prince Montblanc, but... he's sick. We won't be able to use the Rose Pact until he fully recovers. I wasn't any help at all.

[Strikes were intended to be deleted, but instead they're perfectly normal strikes.]
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We finally got Urara-chan back.

I should be happy, but... Komachi is still out there. And we might not get a chance to save her--the Nightmares will know she's the last one.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

...well, I'll try.

Went to Eternal.
Syrup almost betrayed us.
Have a new power.

[I keep forgetting to update the list of people ICly included in this lock. Comment if you know of someone I need to add.]
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Well, Milk has been "revealed" as Milky Rose now. Apparently, she got her new powers from a seed that came out of the Rose Pact and grew into a blue rose.

She was acting so mysterious because... that's how it's done on television. I wish I was kidding.
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Milk's "emergency" was that she missed Coco and Nuts. It's understandable to get lonely, but...

There was an attack by Eternal while we were there, but since they're after the Rose Pact, I think that only happened because we were there. King Donut turns out to have some sort of paralysis power.

The attacker was another member of Eternal. He's a squid. I think we're better off fighting him from a distance.
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King Donut is awake now, and we've seen Rin's new power (mine is better), but that's beside the point. Milk sent a letter saying they need us in Palmier right away. It seems like it's an emergency.

I hope we're not too late...
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The suggestions box has turned out to be popular.

So, it seems like I haven't mentioned Amai Shiro-san to anyone before! I wonder how that happened? He's my friend, who's started working for Otaka-san recently.

Cure-locked )
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Well, this was an... interesting day. Syrup stopped by with a giant sack of letters for Coco and Nuts... all of them from Milk. Then Nozomi and Komachi found his friend Melpo, who is apparently a tiny pink walking mailbox.

And then Bunbee attacked us. Apparently he's working for Eternal now. He's not any stronger, or if he is it's less than we are. Hoshinas are stronger than Kowainas, but so far Dream and Mint have both shown off new attacks that are more powerful than what we could do before.
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Flora lives in a place called Cure Rose Garden, which is in a world by itself. There's a gate that leads to it, but it's sealed at the moment, and the Rose Pact is needed to open it.

There are also creatures called Palmins floating around now. They're... a lot like Pinkies, apparently. Most of them have the power to make various different objects. We don't actually need them for anything, but... the four rulers of the nations surrounding Palmier have been turned into Palmins, and we don't know which ones, so we have to catch every Palmin we see until we've found all four. We need their power, too, to open the gate.

I'm still not clear on what the other people involved want. There's a person named Syrup, who changes between forms like Coco and Nuts, except that he has three. He can look like a boy about Urara-chan's age, a little brown penguin, or... ah, I'm actually not sure what to call the other one. He can fly in the third form. He saved Nozomi before, and he's the one who brought us the Rose Pact in the first place, so it doesn't seem like he's evil... but he won't tell us anything, other than that he's trying to get to Cure Rose Garden, and he seems to have something against Coco for some reason.

Eternal is a mystery as well. They apparently have a collection of rare and valuable items they've stolen from various places. That would be enough explanation for why they're after the Rose Pact, but apparently they want to get to Cure Rose Garden, too. They seem like just the Nightmares all over again. Human-looking, but they turn into animal-monsters, and they can even create monsters from objects. They're called Hoshiinas this time.

[locked to just Kaito]

You caught that part about rare and valuable items, right?
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I didn't expect to ever end up doing this again.

[A few people have been cut out of the Pretty Cure lock. Mostly people who don't, uh, exist anymore, but it should keep Azula out now for instance. She's neglected to remove Mitsuru though.]
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[A real locked voice post is beyond Karen. She uploaded a recording to Rapidshare or something and then made a locked post with a link to it.]

Transcript )

[She's going to lie there for a few hours before responding to any comments.]
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They stole it...

We have to go after them somehow, but...

[locked to just Minako]

Minako, if you don't hear from me in a day or so, go to my house and tell Jiiya everything. He'll know what to do.
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[OOC note first of all: Karen's Christmas shopping list is finalized.]

Well, this was certainly different from how my day has usually been on the 24th. It was nice being with everyone. I hope Nozomi and Coco are enjoying their evening together.

I most likely won't be posting at all tomorrow. If anyone urgently needs me for something (and it had better be vitally important), Urara-chan has my cell phone number.

Only a few more hours now...

And now, something Pretty Cure-locked. )
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[Backdated to Monday evening, late the same day as this post. Locked to Pretty Cure-knowing people, including hackable by Azula. Replies will be after the fact.]

Coco and Nuts have been kidnapped. We're going to the Land of Mirrors to rescue them.

There's no time to argue about it. I'm only posting so nobody will wonder where we are.
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Milk wrote her own version of Cinderella.


Apparently she thinks of me as "ugly stepsister" material.

Also... )


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