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You're hilarious, community. See how I'm laughing?

[Someone is interpreting this month's viruses as a personal attack, and a low blow at that.]
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I am a protector of the law and the people. Kaitou V is a very pretty dangerous criminal. While for understandable reasons she has managed to capture the hearts of many officers, I am most certainly not among them. Right? A physical attraction doesn't count. I don't know where people are getting such a ridiculous idea. I wonder if she'll respond to this?
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Minako, how do we feel about threesomes and foursomes?

I don't have anyone in mind or anything. I'm just curious.
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Karen sat on the edge of her bed, waiting for Minako to arrive.

It was going to be the first time they'd really had a chance to talk since the virus ended. Karen wasn't even entirely certain Minako remembered what had gone on during the virus. Karen herself certainly did. She'd learned some things over the course of the virus, and some of them were things they needed to discuss.
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Minako, are you still feeling... like during the virus?

[Because guess who the virus apparently didn't have to do as much to as she thought it did?]
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All things considered, Karen wasn't really that bad at cooking in general--it all came down to following instructions, and that was simple enough. The cake she was trying to make, as such, was looking very promising.

And if the recipe had contained errors such as "tsp" being mistakenly printed as "tbsp," or had failed to mention important things such as the cake requiring only the whites of the eggs, then that wasn't her fault. Although she was fully responsible for the tiny bits of eggshell she was currently trying to beat into the batter. Actually, from an outside perspective, the only thing that could make this less promising would be if an even worse cook showed up and started "helping."

Although she was only a step or two away from putting it into the oven, so Karen and any potential assistant would soon have to find some other way to amuse themselves for a half hour or so.
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Minako-san. Kaito.

Exactly when were you going to tell me what was going on?

[Still virused, but she was going to post this either way.]
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I didn't expect to ever end up doing this again.

[A few people have been cut out of the Pretty Cure lock. Mostly people who don't, uh, exist anymore, but it should keep Azula out now for instance. She's neglected to remove Mitsuru though.]


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