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Masuko-san was talking about quitting the Cinq Lumieres News. Apparently, she's been the only member of the journalism club this whole time, and between being lonely and not being able to do all the proper research on her own, she's having a hard time keeping up with it.

She's a pain sometimes, but...

[locked to Pretty Cure people]

And on top of all that, Bunbee attacked her. Attacked her. He didn't even know we were nearby--he just knew we knew her.
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Her article is full of pictures of me freaking out.

And after I went to so much trouble for her. I have half a mind to take that camera of hers and sh... and keep it until she apologizes.
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"Respecting my privacy," I said. Ha.

I think Masuko-san let it slide in an attempt to get on my good side, so she'd have an easier time twisting my arm into letting her interview me about my private life. My private life! Why would the school newspaper need an article about that?

All things considered, though, that wasn't the bad part. The bad part was repeatedly discovering a certain group of four girls who apparently think "Masuko-san wants to interview me alone, so stay away" means "please come over and be ridiculously obvious about trying to spy on me." And what was with those costumes? Unsurprisingly, Nozomi makes a pretty good clown, but why?


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