Mar. 8th, 2013 07:39 pm
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I've never had someone actually break up with me before. What do I do?
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Hey, look, it's Karen. And she's in the library, studying. This comes as a huge shock to you all, I know.
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I can't save anyone.

[gdi Kanna look what you did, you shouldn't die like that]
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Minako, how do we feel about threesomes and foursomes?

I don't have anyone in mind or anything. I'm just curious.
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[Nothing particularly intersting, just Karen walking around for a minute or two in an unfamiliar location that appears to be a garden... of roses. She's carrying what looks like a portable game system or something in her left hand, and looking intently at her right index finger, almost as if there was a red string tied to it and she was following it, which is exactly what she's doing. There are a few minutes of this, and then the video cuts out.

Box, if you wanted to do an RL, we can actionspam here. Other than that, feel free to ask confused questions.]
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Prince Montblanc has fully recovered now. It's finally time.
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Karen sat on the edge of her bed, waiting for Minako to arrive.

It was going to be the first time they'd really had a chance to talk since the virus ended. Karen wasn't even entirely certain Minako remembered what had gone on during the virus. Karen herself certainly did. She'd learned some things over the course of the virus, and some of them were things they needed to discuss.
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Apparently Kurumi has a very severe case of stage fright, so now I get dragged into doing this "Five de Chance" show with everyone. Even though I was very specific about not wanting to play when we went over this last week.

Wish me luck. No pun intended.
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Minako, are you still feeling... like during the virus?

[Because guess who the virus apparently didn't have to do as much to as she thought it did?]
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All things considered, Karen wasn't really that bad at cooking in general--it all came down to following instructions, and that was simple enough. The cake she was trying to make, as such, was looking very promising.

And if the recipe had contained errors such as "tsp" being mistakenly printed as "tbsp," or had failed to mention important things such as the cake requiring only the whites of the eggs, then that wasn't her fault. Although she was fully responsible for the tiny bits of eggshell she was currently trying to beat into the batter. Actually, from an outside perspective, the only thing that could make this less promising would be if an even worse cook showed up and started "helping."

Although she was only a step or two away from putting it into the oven, so Karen and any potential assistant would soon have to find some other way to amuse themselves for a half hour or so.
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OOC cut for largish image )

...it's not that there's anything wrong with Umi-san's clothes, but...
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We finally got Urara-chan back.

I should be happy, but... Komachi is still out there. And we might not get a chance to save her--the Nightmares will know she's the last one.
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[At the end of a relatively successful maybe-date-depending-on-which-of-the-two-you-ask...]

As the credits began to roll, the lights in the theater came back on. Karen glanced down at herself and brushed away some bits of popcorn clinging to her shirt before turning to look at Yukiko.
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...Amagi-san, would you be interested in going on a d doing something together? We could see a movie.

--But if you don't want to, that's fine!
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Setsuna-san, would you like to go on a date together?

[locked to Setsuna... the real one, I mean]

Not really. If you say yes, we can imply that we did things together while you were in her body, and that will bother her brother.


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