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Minako-san. Kaito.

Exactly when were you going to tell me what was going on?

[Still virused, but she was going to post this either way.]
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[Breathing, starting in a pattern that sounds like someone crying, but after a few minutes slowing down and becoming more regular. A minute or two after this change, there's a loud clatter, followed by apparent silence, though the breathing can still be heard.

This near-silence goes on for a good nine hours or so.

If you have no life and decided to listen all the way through: There's the sound of an alarm clock, a groan that some might recognize as being in Karen's voice, shuffling of sheets, and a couple of approaching footsteps. Then, suddenly, another clatter and the recording ends.]
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I didn't expect to ever end up doing this again.

[A few people have been cut out of the Pretty Cure lock. Mostly people who don't, uh, exist anymore, but it should keep Azula out now for instance. She's neglected to remove Mitsuru though.]
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You and Kaito. Details. Now.
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Kaito! Get your girlfriend to stop shipping me with Azu-baka!
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Karen wasn't sure what she was going to do when Kaito got here. But she knew she couldn't just leave him alone.

She waited for him by the gazebo, since that had worked well before.
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Karen was curled up under the desk again.

The more she thought about things, the more confused she got. She remembered Zero had suddenly attacked her. Why was she here? Because of her sword training. Why sword training? Because of Pretty Cure. She got that far back and suddenly she was all disoriented. Pretty Cure was something important that she shouldn't be just suddenly remembering. Nozomi was part of that, too. Nozomi who Karen met when she was fourteen. Karen couldn't have met anyone when she was fourteen, she was only six. But she could remember being seven, and eight, and--argh. It was confusing, and more than a little frightening. Although not quite as frightening as the prospect of Zero coming back here and attacking her again.

She wanted to be with Nozomi. Nozomi was good at making Karen feel like things were all right.
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In-on-Pretty-Cure folks )

Kaito )

Mikaela )


Summer vacation is almost over. I hope Nozomi hasn't been slacking off on her homework has made some progress on her homework has started on her homework will do her homework when I call her and tell her to.
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[Slow mun is slow.]

Karen sat in the gazebo, with tea and a package of mamedaifuku on the small table, waiting for Kaito to arrive. It wouldn't be the first time someone from another world came to the estate, but Kaito was a bit different from Coco, Nuts, and Milk, and certainly much different from the Nightmare Group.

[Stone/concrete gazebo, lots of greenery around, a greenhouse nearby, Karen's mansion visible off in the distance.]


Aug. 3rd, 2008 04:01 pm
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Well, that was a nice trip. We really should go places together more often.

Kaito, I regret to inform you that I did not, in fact, start selling postcards on my island so that I could buy one from myself. Sunao-san (or was it Ran-san?), the same applies to you, but you at least have the excuse that you didn't know it was my own island.

locked to Kaito, Maka, Miharu, Mikaela, and Zero )
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So, apparently Kaito has kissed Aoko. Supposedly, because he wanted to snap her out of the virus.

Kaito claims he only likes Aoko as a friend, but from the way he talks about her, I'm skeptical. And I've been on the receiving end of both of the viruses that have happened since I joined the community, so I'm admittedly not the most qualified on this subject, but I don't think it's normal to just decide to kiss someone who's under a virus on the off chance that it cures them for some reason.

Aoko... she likes Kaito, it's pretty obvious from her entry about it. But she doesn't seem to think he could possibly like her that way. And judging from how she locked the post, it seems like she doesn't want him to know about it.

So now I get to watch them dance around each other, all the while knowing that getting them together would be as simple as unlocking this post, except that either one of them would throw a fit if I tried to tell the other what I've said about them.

I'm going to bed now. Somebody wake me up when love isn't completely ridiculous.


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