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Prince Montblanc has fully recovered now. It's finally time.
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Apparently Kurumi has a very severe case of stage fright, so now I get dragged into doing this "Five de Chance" show with everyone. Even though I was very specific about not wanting to play when we went over this last week.

Wish me luck. No pun intended.
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It's finally the day of the race. Time to show Rin I'm not such a bad athlete myself. And show Nozomi she really can finish a race if she tries.

Wish me luck!

[wtf are you talking about? She totally mentioned this already, at the same time that she totally posted about episode 35 on Sunday. Strike is just a normal strike, perfectly legible. Replies will be post-race.]
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Nozomi! She destroyed it! She couldn't even do something as simple as stay out of the way? And Milk couldn't behave for one afternoon?

And what was Komachi's problem? Does she think this is all okay?!

[Intended to be private, but she's neglected to lock it.]
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I stayed up entirely too late last night trying to get this student council work done, and I'm still not quite caught up. Masuko-san is trying to get me to let her interview me on something stupid. We have a substitute in math today who's just assigned busy work. And I still can't forget about that stupid virus--it seems like Azula and people talking about her are all over the community suddenly.

...I just can't deal with school today. I want it to be over. At least I'll be able to relax at NattsHouse then... Rin's come up with a cool idea for a store decoration, and we're going to build it today.


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