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Well, that was less interesting than I'm sure Axel-san had hoped. Apparently, the other students think it's perfectly acceptable for me to sing for no apparent reason. (I could have done without Rin's "duet," though.)

Haruhi-san's plan seems to be working well (I'd expect no less from her)--everyone is talking about my "boyfriend" now, and they've all forgotten about my "relationship" with Urara-chan. Masuko-san says it's obvious how much we're in love. (I guess Haruhi-san is good at acting...) We'll still go until the rest of the week, and then we can stop putting on this act. (I wish I had an excuse to keep going.)
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Karen hadn't quite expected any of this to happen, so she was completely unprepared. Having company over in general wouldn't have been a major problem even before Nozomi and the others decided her house was a fun place to hang out, and by now it was practically expected.

A place to stay for a week, on the other hand, was harder. She had storehouses similar to the one Coco and Nuts used here and there, but most of them hadn't been used in a while, and she didn't want Haruhi-san to have to live in their inevitable mess. Her summer homes were all too far away.

Having her stay here, in Karen's mansion, seemed like the only option. She just hoped she could manage to suggest it without sounding like she was taking the fake relationship too far. She certainly couldn't keep her own mind off of thoughts like that.

Karen was thus lost in thought when Haruhi arrived.
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Why does the new Cinq Lumieres News have an article with the headline "President Minazuki involved with Kasugano Urara?"

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