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I can't leave you people alone for a second, can I? My Internet access is down for a few days and look what happens.
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Karen waited in her room, necklace in hand. Azula would probably be here within minutes, if that.
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Azula is about to worldhop me to her world, for reasons I'll explain later. She says she'll bring me back in about five minutes, but I don't trust her. In ten minutes, if you haven't heard back from me, come find me.
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Karen had no idea why she was so nervous about Azula coming over.

Well, that was a lie. Karen knew exactly why she was so nervous. She knew what her feelings towards Azula were. She also knew that the idea that Azula returned those feelings was unrealistic (even if Azula had come up with the idea of staying for the night on her own). If she could convince herself that she didn't have them, that she still only wanted to be best friends with Azula, then she'd hopefully be able to get through the night without saying or doing anything strange.

Still, she had laid out her nicest nightgown to wear tonight. There was nothing wrong with looking nice for a friend, right? Even when you were about to go to sleep.
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Karen had only seen bits and pieces of the Fire Nation royal palace before. On both of her previous trips here, she'd been too preoccupied with saving Azula to make note of much that wasn't immediately important. And she only really remembered the first one, anyway.

All the same, though, she had a decent idea of where Azula's room was, having worked it out in case they needed to go through with Urara's espionage plan. (She'd picked up details from various people.) The hard part had been trying to figure out how she'd get in without being caught--at best, the guards would kick her out, and at worst... well, it wasn't hard to imagine things Azula might do to her if she recognized her sneaking around.

Today, though, she intended to be noticed and recognized. Which gave her more options.

"Pretty Cure Metamorphose!"

In two very high leaps, Cure Aqua landed gracefully just inside what was probably the princess's window.

[For the record, Cinnamon brought her there.

And speaking of Cinnamon]
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Kaito! Get your girlfriend to stop shipping me with Azu-baka!


Oct. 24th, 2008 10:20 pm
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...it'll be fine.

It's fine. I can control the information this way. Things won't happen by accident.

I'm not going to just volunteer information. She has to know what to ask.

I'm in control here.

It's fine.


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